Why Come To Wildcat Parlour?

At our pole dancing studio, we have created a safe place for everybody to come explore the joy of dance on their own terms. We believe that dancing is the spice of life and pole dancing is the icing on the cake! As many students will tell you, pole dancing is a wonderful tool to build confidence, get moving, and feeling like a brand new person. But how? Pole dancing gives you a moment to get out of your head. It lets your body move without worrying about anything else. You will begin to trust yourself like never before. With that trust comes love for yourself and those around you. What are you waiting for? Click the Classes button in the banner and let's go! 

317 Parker Street, Vacaville, CA 94688 located inside Naughty Or Nice Boutique

Phone: (310) 941-8414

"So I have been attending the studio since February, and I have seen tremendous growth physically and mentally. It is a safe place to cut loose and just let your inner sexy diva, goddess, vixen, or whatever you are out! I get a great work-out as well as learning to appreciate the skin and body that I am in!" 


"The absolute best place to be any night of the week! Great classes and levels, beautiful set up in the studio, and full of wonderful gals! Jenn, the owner, is the best fitness teacher I've ever met and is so encouraging. There's no judgement here, just fun. If you've ever been curious about pole fitness, this is the best studio to go to."             

New to the pole community? Start here to calm any of those nerves you might be feeling about starting. New to the studio? Most answers can be found here! 

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Get started today with a month's worth (4) of classes. Available for use with Kitty Bootcamp, Tease and Purr Floorwork, and Kitten Curiosity classes.

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"The most amazing workout ever!! I hate gyms but getting my fitness is important. So having other forms of fittness is wonderful and sexy all at the same time.There is no body shame in this place which makes it even more of a good option for fitness."

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1 Month Beginner Pole Class Pass - $50 (Regularly $60)

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