Breanna Hardy

Hello, hello, I'm Breanna, but I happily respond to Bre or Breyonce - whatever flows off your tongue as long as it's nice! My specialty at the studio is Floor Flow. My approach to floor is to not only do something cute and sexy, but something new. Be it new moves to add to you floor repertoire or even a new way to approach your dancing, I want my class to help you grow as a dancer. I personally don't have a dance background, and I've stumbled many times since I've entered the dance community. Despite this, I think it has only helped me to be empathetic to everyone who comes to my class with doubts about if they can do it, if they be can be sexy, if they can do the dance the supposed "right" way. We all start somewhere, and boy, do I remember my start. I mean, I cried! Now I teach, and I love teaching in this industry because I only see people become more confident in their bodies and their lives. Dance changed mine in ways I couldn't imagine, and I'm trying to do the same for others. After an hour in my class, I want you to feel new and glamorous with a confident swish in your step. We're bringing out the magic you already have. 


Stephanie Layman 

Stephanie specializes in Pole Tricks, Spins & Splits on both static / spin poles. Her number one rule is to “Smile through IT” in both life and on the pole.  

She started her pole journey January 2015 and became hooked immediately. She continues to eat / sleep / dream pole. This particular art is flawless in her eyes but also understands how much training and dedication it takes to make it look so effortless.  January 2016 she started teaching pole for beginners then ventured into spins / tricks / stretch & doubles. Pole has rewarded her strength, flexibility, confidence, sex appeal and a growing collection of stilettos aka stripper heels! 

Stephanie received her certification as a Pole Instructor - Intro / Level 1 Dollhouse Collective , Encinitas, CA 2016. She is also a certified 200RYT Yoga Instructor, Yoga to the People, San Francisco, CA 2012 & Lyra Teacher Training - CirQFIT San Francisco, CA 2017. She is a current substitute teacher with Crunch Fitness. First Aid and CPR certified. 


Erica Holsten - Kitten Curiosity

I specialize in beginner pole classes and you'll find my smiling face greeting our newest students as they are introduced to the pole dancing and fitness community. I have been poling since October 2015 and I practically live at the studio. You will always find me learning new techniques so I'm always ready with fresh new moves to teach. My class is pretty laid back. I focus more on encouraging students to find their creativity and I work on tailoring moves to the individual rather than teach to the masses. I have followed a specific YouTuber for years, and I thought it looked amazing, could be a workout, and decided I wanted to try it. Anything to trick myself into working out. 

I believe that teaching pole is important because of the energy that makes up the pole community. Our community is one of inclusivness and acceptance as we grow. I love to watch people grow and come out of their shells. When students leave my class, I hope people feel like they were in a place where there is zero judgement. I want people to feel better in their own skin. If nothing else, I want people to feel like they just had an amazing workout.



Alannah Talbot 

Hello, my name is Alannah and I specialize in beginner pole dance. I fell in love with pole dancing in 2015 and haven’t stopped since! With each class I took I could see my body and mind changing. Within a few months my body had become toned, and my confidence skyrocketed! I love the physical and artistic challenges of pole dance, and the attitude of acceptance and support in the pole community. I strive to pass on my love of pole dancing by challenging students through physical conditioning and flowing movements.

I am CPR and First Aid trained and certified.


Jade Kim 


Jade walked into a pole studio in her hometown almost 9 years ago and instantly fell in love. While developing her love for the pole, building strength, confidence and finding her sensuality, she found the art of pole dancing to be life transforming. Attracted to the dance aspect of pole, Jade enjoys sharing her dance style with others in the hopes of bringing them the same life changing experience. Jade has been teaching pole for many years and has a truly beautiful gift making students and those around her so comfortable and relaxed. 

Jade is an XPERT Pole Fitness certified instructor in the bay area and a current Crunch Gym X-Pole Instructor.


Instructor / Owner

Jennifer Hamm


I started pole dancing over 7 years ago. My first class was a spur of the moment treat for one of my best friends on her annual birthday visit. I have been fascinated with exotic dancers my entire life. I never listened to the taboo judgments about dancers, I also don't allow bad mouthing of dancers in any industry. I found dancers (of all types) magnetic. Their grace, beauty and confidence was something I always admired. I was finally ready to try it out for myself. Well after my first class at Sedusa Studios, I was hooked. I began taking classes 3 days a week. I lived pole dancing in its entirety. I don't remember a day when I wasn't sore, bruised, and smiling from ear to ear since then. I soon saw the benefits these classes were having on me. Not only did my body transform from a scrawny little twig to a sculpted full healthy body, but I walked a little taller with a little more sass in my step too. I knew I could do things that many wished they could. From that point on I knew I needed to share this with others who may have the same struggles with their body or confidence. Everyday when I walk into the studio I'm so excited to share this gift with all of my students. I want to build and teach every person that they can love themselves inside and out. They can be who they truly are and never accept anything less.  

Jennifer is a certified Fly Gym (aerial yoga) Level One instructor, TRX Qualified Trainer, and a current Crunch Gym X-Pole Instructor.


Sabra Dunks

I am a former exotic dancer with over 6 years of experience. In my classes I will teach you how to maintain control in each pose and how to move fluently through each transition. It's all about strength, control, and flow! Feel free to bring heels!