faq - covid - 19 cLASS rULES

  1. We will be limiting pole classes to 3 people and stretching classes to 4 people. Please be mindful of your class registration and if you cannot make it please cancel or call us so we can let anyone that has signed up on the wait list access to the class. If we do not have this number of signups by 4:00 PM, class will be canceled.
  2. When entering the Naughty or Nice Boutique, you are required to wear a mask through the store and when you enter the studio. We will not be providing masks at this time. You will not have to wear the mask during class.
  3. We ask that you use the hand sanitizer on entry.
  4. We will also be requiring a no-touch temperature check on arrival.
  5.  To avoid crossing paths, you will be exiting the studio through the back door rather than the main entrance.
  6. We will be keeping the back door open to allow for additional air flow. Keep in mind, with the summer heat, this may limit days we will hold class.
  7. You’ll be using one pole each and we ask you do not touch or use anyone else’s pole once class starts. You’ll be given a towel and alcohol bottle that you will use exclusively during class.
  8. Please come dressed for class underneath your clothes. (we want to avoid walking through the shop in booty shorts 😊) You will not have access to the changing room before class.
  9. You may use the restroom after class only, instructors will clean after every use. We cannot allow bathroom breaks during class as we will have to stop and clean the space before anyone else enters the restroom.
  10. Please bring your own yoga mat and/or stretching blocks. If you do not have these items you may use ours for a $5.00 cleaning fee.
  11. When you arrive to class, please come straight to the studio, do not linger in the shop while you wait for us to open up for class.
  12. We will be limiting class offerings to those that do not require instructors to spot you through a move. See below for a list of classes we will be rolling out.

What are we doing to create a safe space for our students?

  1. Instructors will be entering the studio with a mask and will be logging a temperature check before starting their prep.
  2. Washing hands before and during class when in contact with any surfaces that someone may have touched.
  3. All student areas will be sanitized and cleaned before any students can enter the room.
  4. We will be washing all hand towels per class, they will not be reused until properly washed. Same for the alcohol bottles, those will be cleaned after every class.
  5. Instructors will be cleaning the restroom after every use.