On Your First Day

When you arrive at the Naughty or Nice Boutique, make your way to the back of the store to enter the studio. Once you come in, check in with your instructor. If you signed up online, you're ready to go. If not, you'll be asked to pay for your class and to sign a waiver. On the day of class, please plan to arrive at least 10 minutes early to accommodate this process. We have a strict late policy. Unless you have made arrangements, no students will be allowed to enter the studio after class has started. Try to wear clothing in layers. As you warm up you will want the option to remove some pieces. Pole dancing requires skin, so be prepared to get down to the bare minimums if you want to progress. Of course we always encourage students to dress to their comfort level. If you wear shorts, make sure they are tight enough that they won't show off your naughty bits when we move around and start dancing. We have all of the equipment you'll need here so don't worry about that part. Bring some water to stay hydrated. Once class is done, please put your clothing back on before you leave. Since our studio is inside another store, please dress accordingly as you exit the room. 

What should I wear?
For floor classes you'll want to be more covered on areas that will be touching the ground. Knee pads, legwarmers, etc. will help with floor. For pole classes, less is more. Poles require skin contact to help hold you up. Shorts and a tank top will suffice. You will want your shorts to stay fairly tight so you don't show the goods. Think volleyball shorts. Keep in mind we are located inside another store front. Please dress appropriately when arriving and leaving the studio. Students wearing booty shorts or revealing clothing will be asked to change immediately.

Can I wear my own heels to class?
We ask that you do not bring your own heels (meaning heels you wear out or to a club). Any debris from the bottoms will scratch and damage the wood floor. The boutique has plenty of heels to choose from if you want to get the full experience. If you have questions, your instructors will be happy to help. 

How much does a class cost?
Floor and pole classes are $20. Parties are $40/person with a deposit required at the time of booking. 

Can I sign up online?
Absolutely! We encourage everyone to sign up online. Online signups are easy to book and easy to cancel. We ask all students to communicate attendance plans to help instructors and the boutique plan around you. You can sign up
here. If you are not able to make class or will be late please let us know if you'd like to keep your pass. See our late policy below. 

Is there a late policy?
Yes there is. The studio will be closed once class starts. If you are going to be late, please call, text or email to let us know. We can only allow a 5 minute grace period before you will be restricted from classes. This is to help keep classes running on time, prevent injury and respect other students time. 

Do you have packages?
We do offer class packages. The online booking site has all of the information or you can check out our prices page.  

Do you do private lessons?
We do offer private lessons based on the instructors availability. 

Can I bring a friend to watch? 
Non-students are not allowed to watch a class. Some find it a bit distracting with a friend there and others are a little self-conscious about having someone watching. 

Is pole dancing painful?
We won't lie. Pole dancing is a full contact sport. You will get bruises (pole kisses), and you will be sore. It takes a little time to build up dancers skins. Don't worry, it all fades. 

I don't have enough upper body strength, can I still pole dance?
Everyone has to start somewhere! You'll be surprised at how quickly you'll build the muscle you need with pole dancing. Most people who try pole dancing do not start out as gymnasts or body builders. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and that's okay. Baby steps is all we ask for. 

No rings on poles please! That includes wedding rings, scratches to the pole can create injuries on skin.

Can I come to the studio and practice when class isn't in session?
Students may reserve the studio for $20 /per hour with an instructor present at all times. Practicing alone is a liability for the studio and store front. Contact your instructor should you wish to practice. 

How many girls can I have in a private party?
We typically host a group with max capacity of 12 girls. This makes it easier for everyone to share a pole. 

I'm not "sexy", do I have to dance sensually?
Not even a little bit! I think most of us will agree that we didn't start out as sexy bomb kittens walking around flipping our hair around. It was a journey to discover what we interpret as sexy and bring it to life. If sliding around and hair flips aren't what you see yourself doing, that's okay, we can modify. Most times, we see ourselves in a very different light than others. Sometimes you need to turn that off and believe your classmates when they tell you, YOU ARE SEXY! 

Someone laughed at me at another studio, now I'm worried about taking another class.
Please, please, please, if you experience this, especially at our studio we want to know! Respect is a non-negotiable currency in our studio. We're not saying don't have a good time and laugh with each other, but please respect each other's creativity and expressions. This also includes inappropriate behavior between instructors and or/ students. If you are ever made to feel uncomfortable, please tell us. 

I have bad knees/joints/back, is it safe to pole dance? 
It's important to listen to your body. We offer modifications on all of our moves to accommodate every body. We ask that you speak up and let us know if you have any issues with specific areas of your body. If something doesn't feel right, STOP! We take progression very seriously which is why we spend so much time on the basics. They are the key fundamentals to staying safe and avoiding injury. 

I'm afraid people will think I'm a stripper if I take pole dancing classes. 
We realize there is a negative connotation with strippers. But realize, strippers dance in exchange for money. You are dancing in exchange for happiness and a kick ass workout. Please no stripper / go-go dancer bashing in our classes. They are the reason we have this sport! 

I'm a little self-conscious, do I really have to take off so much clothing?
We want you to be comfortable. If stripping down to your skivvies and bra isn't your style, that's okay! Our motto here is modify, modify, modify. These classes are to make you feel good about being you. Be yourself! 

I don't wear heels often, I certainly can't walk around in them, should I still try? 
Baby steps. Literally. Walking in heels is a difficult task, but one well worth trying. Start slow and you'll see results! 

I'm a man, can I come to classes? 
Men are welcome in our classes. We ask that everyone be respectful of each other. This is a sanctuary of acceptance and all dancers are welcome. 

I'm a bigger girl, can I still pole? 
Most definitely! Wildcat Parlour welcomes everyone, every body, and every shape. Sexy doesn't discriminate! There is always something for everyone in our classes.